About Us

Our Mission Statement

To ease the suffering of people with acute, chronic or cancer pain. To help set positive, achievable goals for your health and well being and provide the support needed to achieve those goals.

Our goal is to enhance our patients’ quality of life by decreasing pain and increasing their ability to participate in activities they enjoy. To return each person to a functional lifestyle, develop self-management techniques, and ensure appropriate use of medication when required.

The health care professionals in our team will teach people-with-pain skills to self-manage their pain experience.

We will teach:
•    Physical therapy techniques such as spinal core stability, activity pacing, fitness.
•    Psychological techniques such as mindfulness, stress management, relaxation.
•    Lifestyle management such as relationships, home and workplace, sleep, and medication use
•    Medical treatments such as procedures and medication
•    Strategies to deal with pain “flare-ups”
•    Strategies to deal with the “stigma of pain”, conflicting advice